A ponzicuous scheme where investors are given a fixed amount of money in return for investing in a scheme that they have no way of knowing how to make a profit has been exposed.

The scheme is called The Ponzi Trust, and investors are promised a small amount of capital, a home, and a small income stream for the rest of their lives.

Investors receive the money in the form of a security loan or a bond that has no guaranteed returns and that can only be sold if the investors own a certain number of shares of a company.

The investors are told they are getting a small percentage of any profits the company makes.

But the actual payout, if any, is a fraction of what it should be.

Under the scheme, investors receive payments in perpetuity that range from $100,000 to $250,000 for a 20-year period.

The money is paid out by the company in installments and the investors have to make monthly payments in addition to the interest on their bonds.

Investors also have to pay a monthly fee that depends on how many shares the company holds.

The annual fee on the securities is also a fraction, depending on the number of outstanding shares.

The company pays the investors the interest for at least five years, but investors who take out the money are entitled to a 20 percent discount off the total investment.

A person can invest up to $100 million into the Ponzium Trust and have a 10 percent discount on the value of the shares.

Investors are not told that the proceeds from the shares are a fraction and can only see the returns that are generated for them, the company says.

It’s all a big scam, but you can still invest in a Ponzicous Trust if you have money to invest in stocks or bonds, and you’re willing to pay high fees for it.

The Ponzix Trust website has more than 3,000 links to help people decide if it’s a good investment.

I don’t think this is a scam.

If you’re interested in investing in an investor-owned company or an asset manager, you can find out more here.