FourFour2’s sister site FourFour, which has been active since 2012, is the first to cover the pyramid scheme case.

FourFour has also reported on the scheme and has an interesting history.

It was founded by four friends, including the man who made the first of the internet memes of that name.

The site is hosted by an Australian based company, Melaleucas, which also runs a pyramid scheme in the UK, and is one of the few sites that can be seen as a legitimate pyramid scheme.

The scheme uses Facebook ads, a payment service and a website to make money.

Facebook pyramid scheme: A pyramid scheme is when people sign up for a service, and when they sign up, they get something in return.

It’s a scheme that uses Facebook to sell people products, but it’s not necessarily illegal.

Facebook’s pyramid scheme scandal led to a clampdown on the pyramid schemes, and Facebook removed the pyramid service in November 2017.

Facebook has also come under fire in the US for failing to enforce its own rules, which include limiting the number of people who can participate in a scheme.

Some have suggested that the pyramid plan was set up to scam people out of money and that it was run by people with ties to the US government.

There is no evidence to support this, and the company’s chief executive, Dan Schulman, said at the time that it would not be operating in the United States.

Facebook is a hugely popular social network, and it has hundreds of millions of users.

But the scheme is not the only one to use Facebook.

A Facebook employee recently resigned after the company admitted that its ad-selling feature was causing users to buy items they never wanted.

Facebook paid $1.1 million to settle a class action lawsuit in 2016, and in September 2017, Facebook also admitted that it had failed to detect the illegal activity.