The idea behind a cool colors scheme is to bring the color palette of your document into focus, giving your text a more modern look.

To achieve this, we’ll use a free color editor and a few different tools to create the image below.

The first step is to create an image.

The image itself is a screenshot of an image of an office, and the rest of the colors are applied as background.

Here’s how you can use the tool.

Before we start, we need to install the free color theme.

Once you have installed the theme, you can browse for the color you want to use and save it as a new image.

Next, we’re going to use a few tools to generate a custom image that contains a lot of the color scheme.

We’ll start by using an image viewer to generate the image.

First, we open up the image viewer, and we’ll choose the color we want to add to the image, then click the Add Color button to add the color.

Then, we select the colors that we want, and click the Save button.

Next up, we want the image to be in landscape mode, so we’ll open up our text editor and select the Text Styles button.

The Text Styles tool is where you can choose which text styles are to be applied to the text.

If you’re using a document editor, the text styles tool can also be used to apply text styles to a document.

After you select the text style you want, you’ll see the text colors used.

To add more colors to the background of the image we want this to be, we can use a color picker.

Select the colors you want and then click a button.

Once the color pickers is selected, the color is selected and we can apply that color to the document.

If we choose the white background color for the image above, we will add a white border around the image so that it can be easily read.

To make it more readable, we’ve selected the background color and we’ve set the white text color.

If this is a document, we have to set the background text color and the white color separately.

Finally, we also need to set a color background to be the foreground of the text we want.

To do this, select the color and press the Set Background button.

Finally we can save the image as a PNG file.

Now we can start applying the colors in Word.

Word has a color palette, which is essentially a set of colors.

To create a new color scheme, you need to first select a color from the palette.

You can do this by choosing a color and selecting the Apply button.

Then you can drag and drop the selected color to a word or text area, and choose the Color Scheme option to apply the color to that area.

This will create a palette of colors in the Word document.

You have a few choices when choosing colors.

For a more basic example, we could use a black background, which looks nice on a white background, but can look weird on a dark background.

This color scheme also makes the text look more modern.

If you have a color that is too bright or too dark, it will make the colors appear too similar.

You could also add a bit of black or red to the color of your choice.

In addition to the colors we have set up, there are some optional options.

You also have the ability to change the color, which will affect how the color will appear in the document when you save the document as a PDF.

In order to apply this color to our image, we first need to convert the image into a JPEG image.

You’ll need to open the image in Photoshop or another image editor, and then choose the Convert to JPEG button.

To convert the file, select File > Export as JPEG button and then press Convert to PNG.

In order to save the file as a JPEG file, press Save as JPEG file.

This is how you will save a file as an image using a free tool.

The last step is for Word to use the color as the background image.

When we save the JPEG file as the image before, we are going to convert it to a GIF image.

To open up Word, select Word > File > Save as GIF button, and you should see the image being saved as a GIF.

Once you’ve saved the image image, you should be able to open it up in Word and use the colors to create any kind of colors you’d like.

For example, to create white text, you could choose a white color and a black color to create text.

To use this same technique to add color to an image, instead of using the colors, you might use a white line.

You will want to make sure the color matches the background colors of the document and you don’t use any color combinations that don