A new book, “When We Get Married: A Guide to Celebrating the Life We’ve Built Together” offers a new look at how we get our married lives together.

The book is written by Lauren D. Zahn, author of “Love Your Way: How to Make Your Life Happen” and a contributing editor to the popular “60 Minutes” television show, and features a comprehensive look at what to expect in the wedding day.

Here are five takeaways:1.

What to Expect at the Wedding: We’ve all been there.

The groom, who has always been the one to take the bride to the altar, is out for a date.

The bride, who hasn’t always been a big fan of getting her hair cut or a big tattoo, goes on a date with her mom.

It’s all pretty routine.

But when you go to the wedding, the groom is out, and the bride’s mom is also out, too.

The bride and groom both want a big wedding and the couple have already been planning it for months.

The plan is for the bride and her mom to go out on the town with friends and family, and for the groom and his family to stay in the hotel for the duration of the wedding.

So when the groom asks the bride if she wants to go with him, she says yes, and when the couple gets to the reception, the bride asks if she’s ready to go too.

The couple then starts the day off with a date to the park and a little party at the lake, and then they head to the lake.


What We Should Do Before the Wedding to Get Married : The bride’s parents have already gotten married a few times, and so the bride gets to know them.

The husband’s parents were divorced and he is still trying to find his way into their lives.

She is very close with her father, who is the head of the church in her hometown.

He was an ordained minister when she was younger, and she knows him very well.

When they get to the church, the husband gets the bride married on Sunday, and they both eat at the church.

Afterward, they go to a restaurant and have a little barbecue, and he makes her his favorite meal of the day.

The dinner is very important for them to get married to a woman who they love and cares about.

And she knows that he will love her very much, so the dinner goes very well, and both get married on the same day.


What You Can Expect from Your First Day of Marital Life : While there are plenty of things you can do in the first days of marriage to prepare for your first wedding day, these five tips are going to be a big part of your planning.1.

Find Out How Much You’re Worth: The most important thing is figuring out how much money you’ll be able to save on your first day of marriage.

So, for example, if you’re saving $3,000 a month for the first year of marriage, you might be able by the time you get married in 2020 to pay off your mortgage, bills, and other debts.

But if you want to have your wedding at your current salary, you’ll have to pay $7,500 for the wedding and then another $7 (or more) a month on top of that.2.

Don’t Pay for Your Bride’s Car: There are lots of options to make your wedding more affordable for your family.

If you’re the type of couple who likes to drive a few days out of the city to get there and back, you could go with a $250 car rental.

If that’s not possible, you can opt for a more modest car rental, which is $100 a month.

The more affordable your car rental is, the less expensive it is for your bride and family to go to and spend their money.3.

Take Advantage of Your First Year of Marriage : If you want your wedding to be more memorable, you’re going to need to be prepared to spend the next year on the lookout for a few things that will make your day special.

The big question is what to buy for your ceremony.

It will probably be a lot more expensive for your wedding than your average wedding, but you may be able get away with having a wedding cake for your reception that is a lot smaller in size and is designed for your size.

If it’s your first year, you may want to think about a bigger cake or a smaller cake.

But you’re probably going to want to be able find something that you can wear and look pretty in, and you can’t go wrong with something that’s a little bit larger than the size of your cake.4.

Prepare for a Long Day: Many people who get married later in life, like my wife and I, will get married at least once a year.

But it’s important