The term “color scheme” is a pretty old one, dating back to at least 1995 when Wikipedia user “Bobby” published a Wikipedia article on how to create color schemes for websites.

Since then, color schemes have become more and more popular as a tool for designers, web developers and other developers.

Some of the most popular colors for websites are red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple.

It’s no surprise that they’ve gotten a lot of attention over the years.

Here are some of the biggest colors in use today, from the time of the original color schemes.

The word “color” is usually spelled with an “e” for example.

Blue color scheme The blue color scheme originated in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

While many people have tried to incorporate the color blue into their websites, it never really caught on, mostly because the color was a black color and it’s not practical to have a black background.

This is also the reason why most websites still use red for their colors.

The reason for this is because many people were using the same red as a background color, but the blue color schemes were more popular because they were more accurate and didn’t use any of the black-and-white methods that many people would prefer.

This isn’t the only color scheme that has been used, however.

There are also a number of other popular blue colors, such as purple, teal, gold and silver.

This color scheme is also used on many of the web design software products and websites.

Red color scheme Blue color scheme Purple color scheme Gold color scheme Silver color scheme Yellow color scheme Green color scheme Pink color scheme Red is the most widely used color scheme.

It has been around for over 40 years.

The majority of people are still using it today.

However, it has lost some of its popularity due to the fact that it’s hard to see on certain websites, such the ones on the internet.

Yellow color scheme A yellow color scheme has been very popular for many years.

It originally started as a way to indicate how much the color is supposed to be.

However the idea of using yellow instead of black was not as popular.

It became popular because it could easily be seen as the color of a car or even a house.

Today, people often use it to indicate something that’s not as bright as a red.

The most popular yellow color schemes include: orange, green and yellow.

The orange color scheme was the most prevalent color for more than 20 years until it became a color for websites and apps.

Yellow has become more popular in recent years, especially on mobile devices, because it’s so easy to use.

Green color scheme This color was originally a blue color.

The green color scheme became popular for more that a decade.

It is used in web design and design for startups and smaller companies.

It was popular because of its versatility.

This yellow color is used to indicate what’s happening on the web and the mobile devices.

The colors are also used to color text.

Teal color scheme Teal color schemes are used on all types of websites.

They’re very popular because people like to use them on their websites and to indicate the color on a website.

It can also be used to represent the color in a phonebook or the color used on a calendar.

Teal is also popular because a lot people use it on their desktops and laptops.

Gold color schemeGold color schemes can be found in all the popular colors.

It comes in several different colors, including blue, white, gold, yellow and orange.

The best-known gold color scheme used by people is called “Taupe.”

The color comes from the Greek word “tauros” which means “gold.”

Tauros has the same symbol as the Greek letter “Θ.”

It has the symbol of “O” and the letter “i.”

The letter “A” has the letter that looks like a cross.

Tauros can also have a blue or a yellow border, and it can also use a solid color.

Silver color schemeSilver color schemes use a lot more than just the color gold.

It also includes a blue border.

This can be used for navigation, for example, to indicate a place where you are or a person’s name.

It helps to indicate when a website has recently changed or is being updated.

Purple color schemePurple is the color most commonly used on the websites of many startups and small companies.

The color has a deep, deep purple color.

It originated in 1970s, when a bunch of people who didn’t have much time for computers or smartphones started creating websites using computers.

It went on to be used in more than 300 companies worldwide.

It came to the attention of the internet’s design community when the web designers and web developers started using the color to indicate websites.

Today purple is the