The game, Monat, is a ponzi game where players can invest in a pyramid scheme.

The pyramid scheme promises you $1,000 in cash if you invest in it, but if you lose money, you will get $5,000 back.

In fact, it promises you nothing in return, but instead it lets you earn cash.

This game is similar to other ponzis where investors are offered a reward by the scheme, but then get nothing in the end.

The game uses a similar mechanism to pyramid schemes, in that the pyramid scheme requires you to invest in something that you want to buy, and you must invest in that thing before you get a reward.

This makes the game very similar to the classic ponziakos like the Betacor Ponzicoin scheme and the BlackRock Ponzionicoin.

The idea behind Monat is that you have to invest $1 million into the pyramid, which will yield a reward of $10 million.

The money that you invest into the scheme will go into the casino, and then you can make money if you play the game.

You’ll earn $10,000 for every $1 you invest, which is the payoff.

To win, you need to play Monat enough times.

If you’re not successful enough, you’ll get no money.

Monat has been around for several years, but it hasn’t gone viral until recently.

Now, Monats latest iteration is called The Monato Project, and it was developed by Monat.

The project was funded by a group called “Team Monato,” which is a group of investors, including Warren Buffet.

The Monatos own is not a pyramid, but rather an unlisted investment company, and the group has a lot of influence over Monat’s management.

One of the most important things that Team Monato does is that they invest in the company through a subsidiary called The Partners.

This subsidiary has the authority to invest the money into Monat without the need to go through a company, so they have full control over the money that is invested.

The Partners also have the authority not to share any of the money with any of their investors, because that could jeopardize their investment in the scheme.

In the end, the money invested in Monat becomes the Monat pyramid.

The team behind the Monato project is called Team Monatos, and they have over 20 people on the team.

The monat pyramid has been the subject of numerous news articles and conspiracy theories.

This one makes for an interesting one.

The video below gives an idea of how the game works.

The video below is part of a documentary called “The Monat Scheme,” which airs on VICE News at 6 p.m.

Eastern time.

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