The New York Times reported this week that Google is in talks with an investment firm about a pyramid-scheme scheme that would make its ads appear as though they’re from companies with higher earnings than they actually are. 

“We’re working on a plan to create a pyramid that we think could be really valuable,” said Google’s vice president of product management, Dan Hartman, in an interview with Axios. 

According to the Times, Google is also exploring a similar scheme for YouTube, Facebook and Amazon.

The Times reported that Google’s team is looking at the prospect of advertising through YouTube and Facebook ads, as well as a partnership with a major advertising company to sell its content. 

The Times said the deal would be a new model that would include Google’s ad technology, the ability to place ads on videos from video hosting services like YouTube and Amazon, and the ability for users to purchase advertisements for video content they watch online. 

Google declined to comment for the Times. 

 This article was updated at 2:17 p.m.

PT to clarify that Google declined to discuss whether it was in discussions with an ad company about a possible deal.