The Sport Bug article Sport Bug, the company that makes the popular Sport Bug GPS navigation system, has a new product for Android that makes navigation more efficient for users.

The app, called SportBug GPS, has been in beta testing for about a month and the company is rolling out it to the first beta testers of Android 7.1 Nougat.

The product has the same interface as the Android 7 Nougats older GPS app, but has a cleaner, more intuitive design.

The SportBug features three types of navigation modes, and a “lazy” mode for apps that are already in the background, as opposed to the “dynamic” mode that the older GPS offered.

The navigation system uses the same compass and gyroscope as the old GPS, but with a new feature called “loyalty.”

Loyalty lets the app recognize your location and keep you on the GPS.

The new GPS will also be compatible with Google Maps, so you can share the map with friends and family using Google Maps.

The only difference is that it’s now available for download for free.

“We’ve added some useful new features like loyalty, so that users can keep the app active while the user navigates,” SportBug chief executive Paul Schumacher told The Verge.

“You can always turn on loyalty when the user isn’t actively using the app, or when the app is in the foreground.”

The app will come to Google Play in the coming weeks, but for now, you can grab it from the Play Store.