Tau paint scheme is a color scheme that uses a palette of color to create a visual contrast to the background color.

This can be accomplished by blending two colors together to create contrasting patterns that are visually distinct.

To create the effect, you need to create the same shade of color as your background color, and blend the two together to achieve a contrast.

A palette is used to define your palette and color scheme.

You can add a different color to your palette to create new tones, or combine two different colors to create something completely new.

Using the scheme definition allows you to create your own unique style.

There are four shades of tau, or the four colors that make up tau: red, green, blue and white.

To make tau more vibrant, you can use one of the other four colors, such as white and yellow.

The other two colors can be combined to create colors that are a little more muted.

A tau scheme has a variety of applications for different purposes, such for creating a splash of color, highlighting your background, or creating a contrast to your background.

You’ll find tau palettes on tau boards, tau coloring book sites, and tau websites.

There is also a tau painting guide on YouTube.

For more tips, tricks, and other tau news, check out this video.