When you have a superstar like Ovechtkin in your lineup, it’s easy to get too excited.

It’s also easy to be too pessimistic when you see your team struggling.

But the good news is that he’s in a great position to make up for it with another outstanding season and a World Cup.

Ovechkkin has the makings of a dominant offensive threat who can get a lot of goals, a tremendous slap shot and an all-around game.

That’s the case regardless of whether he’s playing for a contender or a rival, and the Russian will be playing with the same confidence as he always has.

He’s a player who can make up big games if he’s given the opportunity, and that should make the Capitals’ playoff run more challenging than it was last season.

Ovedchkin, 27, has become a major threat in the offensive zone and on the power play, and he’s already proven that he can play on the wing, too.

The Capitals have only allowed one power-play goal and scored 14 goals through the first nine games of the season, but they’ve also allowed a total of 27 goals over that stretch, which ranks seventh-best in the league.

Ovechukkin is also making his first start of the postseason, which is the first time since 2014 that he hasn’t started a postseason game.

Ovi has been sensational in the playoffs and he led all NHL players with 10 goals during the regular season, which was the most of any player.

He also scored two power-point goals, which would be the most in a single playoff game in franchise history.

Oviedchkin had a rough start to the playoffs, finishing with just five points in seven games, but he’s rebounded with six goals in seven more games and now leads the league in goals and points.

Ovi has a chance to be the next great player in the NHL if he can continue to play with the level of intensity that he has this season.