This is a guide on how to set the color scheme in your Reddit profile.

We will cover how to make your own color scheme and create your own theme, how to create the background of your profile, and how to get the color of your own profile picture to match your subreddit.

First, you need to create your profile picture.

I am using my favorite photo from my Reddit profile picture (above).

If you don’t want to use my photo, you can use any picture you like, but this is a good example of what you want your picture to look like.

Create a new image from the settings page (the bottom right).

Make sure your picture is selected, then press the Edit button to edit your picture.

You can now press the plus button next to your picture (on my screen) to add a caption, or press + to remove the caption.

You can now select the desired color scheme.

This is done by selecting the desired profile picture and then selecting the color option in the dropdown menu.

The color of the profile picture is chosen based on your color scheme design.

I chose the color red.

Now press OK and the profile will open.

Press the + button next it’s the color selector.

This will bring up the color picker, which lets you choose between four colors.

The first one is the default color of my background.

Next you will be presented with the other colors you can choose from.

Each color has an opacity.

In the image below, I chose green, which is the color most easily to see.

The next color you will see is a white background, which means the background color will be the default.

You need to change this to a dark blue, which will make the background darker and give your Reddit page a more modern look.

The last color you can change is the background.

Press the + option to bring up a new palette that lets you change the background from the default red to a blue.

I picked a dark green background to match the background, but you can easily change the color to any other color.

Press OK and you’re done.

You will now have a new color palette in the palette dropdown.

If you have a favorite color, you’ll need to select it to see the others.

Here is a quick guide on using the color palette designer to set your background and profile picture:If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!