The Uber deal between the company and Google isn’t dead, but it’s starting to seem like a bit of a stretch to say that the deal has already closed.

Uber has still been working with Google to test out new ride-hailing apps and the company’s head of product is reportedly looking for a new CEO.

Uber’s head and chief operating officer are both still on the job, however.

Now, Uber has announced it’s actually going to be working with Alphabet, Alphabet’s parent company, on its own ride-sharing app.

The company says it’s going to give Google a test drive of its new system for the first time on Friday, March 10, but there’s no telling when it will launch or what it will offer.

Uber isn’t giving up on the ride-booking market, however, which means it may have a few more years before Google gets its hands on it.

We’ll have more details about the new Uber app soon.