The color palette of the Tau is an essential part of any virtual reality experience.

But creating a color scheme is not easy.

That’s because most color schemes rely on a set of color-coordinated RGB values for each color, which are then transformed to a color in the desired color space.

In the case of Tau, those RGB values are red, green, blue, and alpha, and then all of those values are mapped to the same value on a screen in order to give the player a good sense of how the colors on the screen will change.

So how can you create a color palette for Tau that’s a bit more flexible?

Here’s how to do it.

First, create a new color palette with a color-space that’s appropriate for your game.

Next, take the colors you’ve created from your existing palette and apply them to the new color scheme.

In this case, I’m going to use a gray-based palette, but any palette you like will work.

I’m also going to add a green component to the green components to give them a bit of a green color.

I also added a bit in the middle to give a little bit of color variation.

And finally, I’ve also added an alpha component to give it a bit better contrast.

In order to use your new palette, open up the Taunas Color palette and select the gray-color-space you created.

Then, right-click and choose Properties.

You can also use the palette’s icon to bring up the Properties window.

Select the “Color Space” tab and then the “RGB Color Scheme” tab.

Click OK.

You’ll notice that Tauns palette now has a set color scheme that’s set to a gray.

Next we’re going to apply some color schemes to this palette, so we need to select our RGB values from the palette.

Right-click the palette and choose the Color drop-down menu.

Select “RGB” from the drop-downs menu.

Now, you can either use your existing color-scheme or create your own.

I created a new RGB color-palette with a palette name “Tauns_RGB_Color_Scheme” and selected “Tau.”

Next, I made the red component in the center of the palette go to the left and the green component go to be on the right.

Finally, I added the alpha component in between.

I’ll start by creating a new gray color-scale with a name of “gray” and an RGB value of “12.00.”

I’ve created a palette named “gray_scale” and now I’ve got a gray scale.

Next I want to use that scale to color-shift the color of the green and blue components.

Right click the gray scale and choose “Scale” from “Colors” in the palette menu.

I can now use the scale to give my green and black components a bit less contrast and make them stand out a bit.

Next up, I want a white color-shifting color scheme to change the color on the black and white components.

I’ve added a “White” color-switching scale to the palette named Taun’s_White_Scale.

Select it from the “Color” drop-up menu.

From the palette, I can then select “Gamma” and “Red” from its drop-ups menu.

Finally I want my white component to have a color shift of “100.”

I’m now going to change some of the colors in the black components.

First I want the white component color to go from red to green.

I selected “Red”, then I selected the red color from my palette and added a little green component.

Then I selected a green and a blue component and added some alpha to them.

I added a green in between the green in the top left corner and the blue in the bottom right corner.

Finally to change a little more contrast, I selected an orange component.

I highlighted it with a white and a black component and changed its color to “1.”

Now, the red and green components are now red and yellow.

I just need to add the alpha to both of them so they will look a bit darker than their default colors.

Right now I have some white components that are green and orange and a green element and a red element.

Now I need to color them green and yellow as well.

I chose “Green” from my new gray scale palette.

I then selected “Yellow” from another gray scale menu.

And I selected both “Green and Yellow” from their drop-sums menu.

Next are the red components.

Now they’re red and blue, respectively.

To add some contrast to the red elements, I just selected a “Yellow”.

Now I want them to be orange and green.

Right from the gray scales, I select “Orange”.

I selected it from my old gray scale, and I added some green to it.