Iracing paint scheme (IPS) is a form of painting that allows for the painting of abstract or abstract-like themes.

In the painting, a paint brush or a brush with an abrasive or other material is used to paint the themes.

A palette or palette tray is used for the various paints, such as black, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, yellow and green.

The paint schemes may be applied to a surface or to an object such as a table, desk or chair.

The paintings may be done by a professional or a student.

Some of the most common IPS paint schemes are:  blue  purple  orange  green  yellow  pink  brown  black  blue    white  tinted  bright red  dark blue  slightly muted red    The most common form of IPS is the blue paint scheme.

It is usually done by adding a blue tint to the paints and then applying it to a white surface.

The black paint scheme, often referred to as the black paint, is used when the blue tint is applied to the black.

The yellow paint is often applied to white surfaces. 

 The orange paint scheme is also a common technique.

The orange paint can be applied with the orange brush, which is used in conjunction with the black to paint on the red. 

The purple paint is usually applied to any surface with a purple hue. 

Purple and black paint schemes usually contain red, blue and yellow tinting, and may also contain some of the same colors. 

Blue paint schemes typically include white, green and yellow.

Green paint schemes generally include black, orange, red and blue.

Yellow paint schemes include yellow, orange and black.

 The paint schemes listed below are often used in computer graphics programs to create artwork.

Some IPS paintings may also be used to create images.