Wired: Google is offering the “Cognitive Suite” and the “Language Profiler” for free in 2018, but the “Content Intelligence Suite” is free.

“The new $9-a-month subscription package provides you with an additional set of tools that will help you understand what the world is telling you about you and your content,” reads the Google Product Page.

The new $10 subscription includes the Cognitive Suite, the Content Intelligence Suite, and a “Language Analyzer” that will analyze your content for SEO purposes.

“With this subscription, you get access to the most advanced content and marketing tools on the planet.

You’ll also get the latest Google News feeds, plus your own personalized Google Analytics reports,” Google says.

“If you like your content and your friends, you can even have them use our tools to see how well you’re performing,” Google explains.

The “Content Analysis Suite” lets you create a customized search engine that will be optimized for the user’s specific interests.

Google says that it’s also offering a free trial to all users.

“We know the SEO community is eager to get started and get started with the new products, so we’re making them available as soon as they’re ready for use,” Google adds.

Google also says that users can now use the Cognitive suite to “develop content and content analytics that will improve your SEO experience.”

Google says users can start with the Cognitive suites now and continue with the Content Analytics Suite in the future.

“You’ll have access to Google Analytics in the Google News Feeds, and your Google Analytics and content metrics will be automatically integrated into the new search engines you’ll use,” the company says.

Google adds that “the Content Intelligence suite also offers a variety of features that help you improve your online presence, including improved keyword research, keyword tagging, and keyword targeting.”

The new pricing goes into effect in February.