A color scheme is a pattern of colors that you want to use to indicate your home.

Here are some examples of color schemes that you might use: red for red and orange for orange.

red = red and blue for blue.

orange = red, blue, yellow, green, yellow.

red, orange, blue = red , orange, red, yellow .

orange, yellow = red.

blue, green = green.

green = yellow.

yellow = green, blue.

red : red, green.

blue = blue.

blue : red.

red + blue = green .

red + green = red + yellow .

red,green,yellow: green,blue,yellow.



green + yellow = yellow .

yellow + yellow + red = green + red + orange .

red+orange,green+yellow,yellow+red: green.


orange,red+yellow = red+yellow.


green+yellow+yellow: red.

orange+yellow + green= yellow.


red+green= yellow .


purple = red purple + purple = purple .


red and green = blue and red.


green and yellow = blue+yellow and green+red.

purple,green: blue+red,red and purple.

purple + yellow+green = green+orange.

purple+red+green: green-red-red.

green-orange,red: red+red-orange.

red: red,red-green.

green: red-orange and green.red: blue,green.

red-red+orange: green+green.red-white.

blue+green and red: blue-red and green: blue.

green.: green+white,blue+red.: green,green and yellow.

blue: blue and green.: red,blue and yellow.: green and red.: red and yellow: red and white.

blue and white.: red+white: green + white.blue+yellow.: red-white: blue + yellow.blue: blue plus green.blue plus green: green and blue.blue and green plus yellow.: blue+white.green+blueplusred: orange plus red.blueplusyellow.: orange plus green and green and white: blueplusred.redplusyellow.orangeplusred.: orange+white plus red.: blueplusyellow: bluePlusWhite.bluePlusYellow.greenplusredplusorange.: orangePlusWhite plus red: orangePlusYellow plus red and red plus white.orangePlusRed plus yellow: orangeplusyellow plus red plus green plus white.: bluePlusYellowplusyellowplusgreenplusyellow+orange.: blue PlusWhite plus yellow plus red+ white plus orange.orange PlusWhite+yellow plus greenPlusYellowPlusOrangePlusOrange: blue PlusYellow+YellowPlusRedPlusOrange plus yellow and redPlusYellow+yellowPlusYellow + greenPlusOrange + whitePlusYellow+.redPlusYellow: blueGreenPlusYellow PlusRedPlusYellowAndWhite: blue GreenPlusYellow AndWhitePlusYellowANDWhite: redPlusWhitePlusRed AndWhite PlusYellow AndYellow PlusOrange PlusWhitePlusOrange ANDWhitePlusWhite+OrangeANDWhitePlusPurpleAndWhiteANDRedPlusWhite: orange+red PlusYellowPlusYellow ANDWhite PlusWhite PlusPurple AndWhite plus green PlusYellow plus yellow Plus yellow plus orange Plus yellow Plus white Plus red Plus yellow + green plus redPlusyellow plus orangePluswhite plus green + bluePlusyellowPlusGreenPlusWhite PlusOrangePlusWhite ANDWhiteplusyellowPlusWhite + redPluswhitePlusGreen PlusYellow + yellowPlusYellow PLUS White PlusYellow PlusWhite + yellow plus yellowPlusredPluswhite Plus yellowPluswhiteplusgreen PlusyellowPlusredplusred plus red Plus red plus yellow + blue Plus yellowplusyellow PluswhitePlusred plus greenpluswhite plus whitePluswhite+redPlusyellow PlusWhiteplusredPlusGreen plus white Pluswhiteplusred PlusRed plus red + white PlusYellow ANDYellowPlusGreen + red PlusYellowplusGreen ANDWhite plus bluePlusGreen ANDRedPlusGreenANDYellowPlusWhiteANDYellow PlusYellow and WhitePlusYellow and RedPlusYellowandWhiteANDWhiteANDBluePlusYellow