Young rappers are rapping in rhyme codes, which mean they have to rhyme every word.

Here’s a look at some of the best ones.1.

“I don’ want to be sued, baby” (Drake, “Wrecking Ball”)2.

“WTF” (Randy Travis, “Drake”)3.

“S*** it, my name’s Travis” (J.

Cole, “T.N.D.”)4.

“Don’t you think I should have gone to jail/I just wanna make sure I’m not going to get busted” (DJ Khaled, “I’m Good”/”Lion King”)5.

“No, I’m on the inside, no I don’t wanna get sued/I don´t want to go to jail” (Big Sean, “The Real Slim Shady”/”Hurt”)6.

“Gotta get paid/ I don´ t want to sue” (Nicki Minaj, “Gangnam Style”/”Gangsta”)7.

“F*** that n***a, I don’ think I can get it” (A$AP Rocky, “Black Beatles”/”I Got Money”)8.

“Tough call, I just want to know/ You know, you know the money’s on the line/ I ain’t even gonna try to make it up” (Lil Wayne, “Niggas on the Run”/”The Runaway”)9.

“We gon’ try to bust you, no matter what” (T.I., “The Runway”)10.

“You gon’ be sued/ You gon’ get sued” (Pharrell Williams, “Happy”)11.

“P.S. I ain´t the one who did it”(Miley Cyrus, “Love and Hip Hop”/”Rapper’s Delight”)12.

“Yo, I got money, but I got nothing” (Jay Z, “No Games, No Life”/”Famous”)13.

“This ain’t a rap battle/ This is a game, man” (Justin Bieber, “Break Free”/”Poker Face”/”Bad Hair Day”)14.

“Cuz I know how it feels to be on the outside” (Eminem, “Bad Things”/”Trouble”)15.

“If I want to rap, I ain\’t going to do it alone” (The Weeknd, “All I Need”/”Love Me Harder”/”Walking on Water”)16.

“Ya like a nigga, I want a nig, you like a rap, we ain’t got to argue” (Kendrick Lamar, “Thrift Shop”/”Blood Sugar Sex Magik”)17.

“All these b******s got to know, I have no f***ing say” (Snoop Dogg, “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”/”You Don’t Know Me”)18.

“Cause I don’,t get sued, I know what to say”(Big Sean and Lil Wayne, “[I Love You]”)19.

“Got to pay a $50,000 bill, nigga” (Rick Ross, “My Way”)20.

“Dope nigga.

I got a big muthafuckin deal, nig.

I have a deal, I need to pay the money” (Chance the Rapper, “Lifestyle”/”Money Trees”/”What’s My Name”/”Bitch Get Rich”)21.

“Just tryna make sure, I’ll be fine” (Hip-Hop artist and rapper J. Cole)22.

“It’s a game / I know I can rap, and you ain’t gonna be able to rap” (Young Thug, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”/”Thuggin'” “Bully”)23.

“Fuck that n****a, you don’t know the difference” (Carson Daly, “Shelter”/”Crazy”)24.

“My nigga is on the side of me, that’s the truth” (Nelly, “Take My Breath Away”/”Dont Take My Breath Out”)25.

“Hoes not to get arrested, niggers do” (French Montana, “Rude”)26.

“The more I know, the more I rap”(Pusha T, “Pusha”/”Black Messiah”/”Viva La Vida”)27.

“Whoa, whoa, that was crazy” (Wiz Khalifa, “Million Dollar Money”/”Fuck It”/”My Name”)28.

“So I’m coming to your house and I know you ain´re in a situation/ I’m gonna help you out if you need it”