Hackers have used a rhyme to steal $2.2m from an account they hacked from the account of a man who uses the name “Abab” on bitcoin forums, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The bitcoin wallet that the attackers used was used to buy about $1,800 worth of bitcoin in July and August.

The attacker, who goes by the name Abab, also used a nickname of the victim, Abab the Rapist, to help disguise his identity.

The account was compromised when a user who had access to the address registered a transaction on the bitcoin exchange Bitfinex.

The user then transferred $2,826 in bitcoin to the attacker’s address, according to the report.

Abab was arrested on July 17, the report said.

The attack has caused a stir among bitcoin users who say the account belongs to a man called “Abbad” and is used to purchase bitcoin for $25 a coin.

The hackers claim to have stolen the account for about $500.

They posted on bitcoinforums, an online forum for bitcoin users, saying they had stolen $1 million from the user.

“I was hacked today by a group of thieves,” Abbad posted on August 18.

“This is all part of a scheme by some criminals to get some bitcoin that they stole from us and use for nefarious purposes,” he wrote.

“It’s a shame that we’ve been targeted by this scumbag who wants to use our name to steal the bitcoin that we all use to buy our necessities.”

The attackers also posted on the forum that they had taken “a lot of cash from this account” and were “still waiting to get the rest.”

The hacker group said they had found a “possible way to send $500 to your bank account.”

The attacker has been arrested and is being held in jail, according the report, but his identity has not been released.

Bitcoin is the world’s second-largest virtual currency, after the U.S. dollar.

The cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity in recent years as a means to bypass governments in countries that have a financial embargo on it.

Abbad, who is known in the Bitcoin community as Abbad the Rapists, is believed to have taken over the account after the hacker group announced they had broken into it in April.

Abbudys Instagram account shows he is the “official” owner of the account.

The hacker who has stolen $2 million from a Bitcoin user’s account, Abbad.

Abalbudy is pictured at a Bitcoin meetup in Hong Kong.

Abu Mohammed al-Muhajir is a prominent Islamic cleric who is also the head of Islamic Society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government said.

In a message posted on Instagram on August 23, Abboudy said he was “shocked and saddened” to learn about the attack.

“My family and I are devastated and shocked by this news,” he said.

“The perpetrators of this act have made an extremely serious mistake, and they have no respect for our religion or our holy book.”

A statement from Abbad’s brother, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Wall St. Journal that the family “are in shock and are praying for the victims and the families affected.”

Abbad said he wanted to thank his family and friends for their support.

The story, which was first published on Sunday, came just days after hackers broke into the accounts of more than 2,400 people on the popular bitcoin exchange BTCChina and the popular Bitcoin Talk forum.

BitcoinTalk users, meanwhile, were also hacked in the wake of the incident, but the hackers said the attacks were the work of Chinese hackers.

Bitcoin’s price has surged nearly 80 percent this year, to $2 in early trade.

The number of bitcoin wallets has more than doubled in value to more than $100 billion.