Database schema source The New York Times article Database source The Washington Post article Database article A search of all available records shows that the IRS is not disclosing more than 30,000 names, which is roughly one out of every three Americans.

The number is the same as the number of Americans who were required to report to the government under the Patriot Act, which requires them to do so when their names are required by law to be made public.

The list includes some who were not required to do anything.

But there were others who were.

For example, the IRS has been asked by Congress to disclose information about a large group of Americans, including the ones who are not required by the Patriot Acts to provide their names.

In addition, the Justice Department has asked the IRS to disclose the names of about 200,000 other taxpayers who were found to be eligible for tax-exempt status under the provisions of the Patriot act.

Those names are also not being released to the public.

We asked the Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS, for a list of people who were exempted under the laws passed by Congress and signed into law in 2001, which made the Patriot laws the law of the land.

The department said it has not yet received a response to that request.

The IRS says it does not have the ability to determine how many people are on the list.

In addition, it is unclear how many names were requested and how many were approved.

The department said its mission is to make the public aware of tax-free status by disclosing information that could aid tax-prep firms, and it will continue to do that.