A new tool designed to help the public keep tabs on the scams and phishing schemes they encounter in the cryptocurrency space is available for download today.

The tool is called ‘Crypto-Wallet’ and it is intended to help users keep tabs at the risk of becoming a victim.

‘Cryptocurrency is at the center of many scams and scams are popping up all over the world,’ Crypto-Wallet co-founder and CEO Paul Lee said.

‘What I like about crypto is, you can buy your own crypto, you get your coins back, you don’t need to trust anyone or have any form of centralized authority to do it.

You can do it anonymously and securely, with no risk of anyone stealing your coins.’

Lee says the tool has been developed to help people get their hands on an account they can trust to protect their crypto-assets.

‘We’re also trying to bring it to the masses, but it’s not really the mainstream cryptocurrency,’ he said.

Users can sign up for a free account using a simple QR code.

Once signed in, users can set up a virtual private key (VPN) which allows them to sign transactions securely in a private location.

Lee says Crypto-Wallets are already used by the cryptocurrency community for transactions, as they help users manage their accounts securely.

‘I think we’re actually in a position where we’re seeing more and more of these new scams being discovered and being more and better protected,’ he added.

‘People are actually trying to be very creative and we’re trying to help them stay protected, but we’re also also doing a good job at being very transparent with our information so people know exactly what’s going on.’

Lee also said that users who want to protect themselves should not invest in Crypto-wallets.

‘It’s a great tool to have if you want to stay safe but don’t want to put your money into a Cryptocurrencies, you need to be careful,’ he advised.

Crypto-wallet is available on the Coinmarketcap marketplace for around $10 USD and can be downloaded via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

It can also be installed on iOS devices or Windows, Android or Ubuntu devices, with support for Bitcoin and Ethereum.