We don’t usually use the word “paint scheme” when talking about our bedrooms.

That’s because they’re always pretty bare bones.

But for the love of Pete, we decided to take the plunge and take this little DIY project into the world.

We used a mix of basic paint schemes, like a plain white, brown or black paint scheme, to make our bedroom a bit more inviting.

In order to create this look, we used a palette of paint and brushes to apply a few different shades of paint. 

For the white scheme, we wanted to go for a classic palette.

So we decided on a black and white palette.

This works for both our bedroom and living room, and you can choose your own colors, too. 

The brown scheme is just our favorite palette because it looks great on the walls and in the bathroom.

We also love the color combination of dark, rich brown and bright green. 

In order to achieve the overall theme, we also used a simple stencil that we used to paint the walls. 

You can do this with any stencil you like, so long as it’s a solid color. 

And finally, you can use a stencil like the one we used on the bathroom, but this time, we painted the whole room with a clear coat. 

When you paint your bedroom, you don’t need to make any decorations.

This is because we used white as the color scheme, but you can also go with other colors like blue, green, red or even yellow. 

After you’re done painting your bedroom with this simple palette, you’ll have a really unique and memorable bedroom! 

To start, paint a single coat of white on the entire room. 

Next, add some black to the paint scheme and apply some of the same shades of white paint to the walls to give the space a really clean look. 

Now, let’s get started with some painting.

The black paint is going to add a little bit of texture to the room, while the dark blue is going be more of a cool, rich red.

The green paint is more of an airy green, and the yellow paint is the same color as the dark brown paint scheme. 

Once the whole house is painted, let it dry completely and add a layer of black and green to the painting.

This will add a bit of contrast and give the room a more sophisticated look.

This last step is important, because it gives your bedroom a little more character and personality.

You can use stencils or even paint on your walls, but it’s going to look better if you add a splash of color to the whole thing. 

We hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial on how to paint a bedroom!

Have you tried this?

If so, what did you think?

Do you have a creative bedroom or bathroom?

Let us know in the comments! 

Image credits: Engadget