BBL: World Baseball Classic 2017: A look at the action, from the teams that have qualified to the field.

The best-of-three format is a lot of fun to watch, but it’s also a lot more complex than you might think.

Here are the key steps to having fun during the World Baseball Cup, and how to prepare your team.

BBL teams must get an automatic first-round bye, but only if they win all three games.

If you are the first to qualify, your team gets to play the first two games in the round robin.

If that happens, you will automatically play the third and final game.

You must get at least one win to be eligible for the round of 16, but if you lose one of those games you will not get a second-round spot.

If your team loses all three, it is eliminated.

You are eliminated if you are eliminated in the first round.

If two or more teams have a total of five wins, the winner of each game in the group stage advances to the championship game.

The playoff format has a different structure than the championship.

Each team is eliminated in its group stage match, while the winner advances to play in the quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals and championship are a single-elimination series with a best-in-three-matches format.

If the winner does not advance, the loser plays in the semifinals.

In the semifinals, the top two teams in the standings from the regular season qualify for the quarterfinal round.

In round robins, the second-place team from the group stages wins the championship match.

If a team is advancing from the first three rounds, they are eliminated from the tournament.

If it is the first four rounds, the team is placed in the second round.

A team is only eliminated if they have lost three or more games in a row.

If their record is less than their previous season’s total, the player can choose to retire, or if they are on the team that made it to the postseason.

The winners of the first-three rounds of the playoffs are the top-two teams from the second, third, and fourth rounds of that season’s tournament.

The top-three teams in each division are seeded in a double-eligibility playoff, which pits the top team from each division against the third-ranked team from that division.

The playoffs are best-on-best, meaning that if one team wins the regular-season series and the other loses in the playoffs, they play the final two games of the season, with the winner advancing to the final.

The final two playoff games are played in one day.

Playoff series are best two out of three, and are best three out of five if the teams tied with five or fewer games each.

A wild card spot is awarded to the team with the most points in the division.

If all three teams from a division advance to the semifinals and the wild card team is tied, the first team in the wild-card round plays the winner in the next playoff game.

In that case, the wildcard team gets the wild cards, while if they tie, the other team gets a bye.

The winner of the wild round goes on to face the winner from the semifinals or finals, depending on the format of the tournament, in the championship round.