Bitcoin is now the second-most popular digital currency, according to the latest CoinMarketCap data, overtaking bitcoin, which is now second. 

The news comes as bitcoin’s price has surged, surging to an all-time high of $7,847.75 per coin.

Bitcoin, the digital currency that has been gaining popularity in recent months, has been touted as a revolutionary new form of money.

But it’s also been accused of fueling a global Ponzi-like scheme, with many bitcoiners allegedly using the currency to fund their personal gains.

The latest CoinDesk poll, conducted between Feb. 8 and 14, found that more than two-thirds of respondents believed that bitcoin should be outlawed.

“A recent survey by a US financial services company found that 50% of consumers who use bitcoin believe that its the currency of the future,” CoinDesk wrote in a blog post published on Friday.

“They are not buying into the hype of its potential and are instead betting against its ability to become an actual money.”

Bitcoin’s rise has been fueled by its popularity on the internet, with the currency’s popularity growing by nearly 50 percent in the last six months, according in the latest market data.

However, bitcoin is also attracting the attention of law enforcement and the courts.

A number of countries, including Britain, the United States and Australia, have introduced legislation against bitcoin and its associated online services, while a growing number of other countries have banned the use of bitcoin as a payment method.

The cryptocurrency has also attracted scrutiny from financial institutions and governments, as well as celebrities and celebrities-turned-ponzi investors.

Bitcoin’s popularity has been tied to a number of recent news stories, with a number from major media outlets including Forbes and Bloomberg detailing the rise of bitcoin in the months following the launch of the digital coin.

A number of bitcoin’s recent ups and downs also came from the cryptocurrency’s popularity in the mainstream media.

In May, Forbes reported that bitcoin was “a fraud” that could potentially “disrupt the global economy” by “pumping millions of dollars into illicit activities.”

The publication also pointed out that the cryptocurrency was a “fraud” that “wouldn’t work in the real world.”

In September, Forbes stated that bitcoin had been “the most valuable digital asset since the dotcom bubble” and was “the next most valuable asset in the world” after the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The magazine also pointed to “hundreds of millions of bitcoin-related scams” that were “brought to light by financial institutions, investment bankers and law enforcement.”

Bitcoin is still one of the most popular digital currencies in the bitcoin market, according the CoinDesk report, with more than $1.5 billion in bitcoin trading in the month of March alone.