An ex-girlfriend of Rachel Bloom has claimed the show has inspired her to create a “crazy ex-girlfriend” of her own.

The actress told the Daily Mail she was “really excited” about the show when it first aired in 2016 and told The Hollywood Reporter: “It really has given me hope, because it’s just such a crazy story.”

Bloom’s character, Madison, is described as a “very smart, sarcastic, and ambitious” woman.

She is “a woman who is very confident and powerful and confident” and is a fan of the show, which is produced by WBTV.

“I was just so stoked that they were able to do a show like that and I was really thrilled that I had this opportunity to be a part of it,” Bloom said.

“I was really happy for it.”

It’s funny because it was one of those shows where you know, there’s going to be drama, there are going to come out of the character.

It was definitely a challenge, but I was just super excited to do that.

“And then [when I went back to it in 2019], it was like, oh my God, that was really cool,” she added.

“When I started watching it and writing it, I just knew it was something I wanted to do.

It just kind of grew on me.”

The actress is a co-creator of the series alongside co-star and writer Julie Delpy.